Lenovo ranked one of world’s most innovative companies

On the 30th September, Lenovo announced that it has been ranked 24th, up one place from 2021, in BCG’s annual Top 50 ‘Most Innovative Companies’ index as it drives innovation-led transformation strategy. The survey of 1,500 conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) focuses on sustainability and innovation.* For the first time, the question revolved specifically around the importance of climate and sustainability (C&S) in innovation. According to BCG, “two-thirds of the companies ranked C&S as a top corporate priority. More than half reported that they are committed C&S innovators, meaning that they rank both innovation and C&S among their top three priorities. But only about one in five companies is ready to take effective action.” It also noted that many companies “make net-zero pledges every day, but only a few are prepared to develop the product, process, and business model innovations that can deliver on those pledges”.

Micro Focus HCMX Earns ‘Global Winner’ Honors in Two Hybrid Cloud Management Analyst Reports

On the 22nd of December, Micro Focus announced that Hybrid Cloud Management X (HCMX) is the Global Winner in multiple Research in Action (RIA) Vendor Selection Matrix reports: Hybrid Cloud Service Management Tools, 2022 and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Management Tools, 2022. In addition, HCMX was ranked as a Market Leader, earning second place among all the participating vendors, in the Hybrid Cloud Discovery and Mapping Solutions Tool, 2022.

HCMX is a solution that unifies hybrid-cloud and on-premises fulfillment operations by providing self-service resource provisioning with built-in transparent cost control and governance. According to RIA, HCMX’s flexibility and reliability resulted in the top marks. This is the second straight year that HCMX received the top mark in the Hybrid Cloud Service Management Tools report.

“The broad portfolio, excellent integrations among its own solutions and that of domain specific solutions and data items make Micro Focus an excellent partner for all global enterprise digital business transformations,” said Dr. Thomas Mendel, Managing Partner at Research In Action.

NCR Named Global Market Leader for Self-checkout

On the 21st of September, NCR Corporation announced that it has been recognised as the world’s largest self-checkout vendor by research and consulting firm RBR’s Global EPOS and Self-Checkout 2022 report. NCR has held this leadership position for 19 consecutive years.

According to the report, last year was marked by accelerated investments in technology refreshes, with strong demand for self-checkout expansion, especially across convenience store chains.

When comparing year-over-year data, NCR global SCO unit shipments increased by nearly 8% in our core markets. This enabled NCR’s lead to widen, with its share now doubling the next-largest SCO supplier. NCR also increased its electronic point of sale (EPOS) share, remaining among the top global providers.

“This research affirms NCR’s status as a preferred partner of choice for retailers,” said David Wilkinson, president and general manager, NCR Retail. “With consumers expecting increased convenience and flexibility, NCR is well positioned to continue growing. We’re continually innovating to connect, transform and run stores’ technology.”

Huawei 5G Core Continues to Rank No.1 in GlobalData 5G Mobile Core Competitive Landscape Assessment

On the 29th of August, CloudData released a report entitled 5G Mobile Core: Competitive Landscape Assessment. The assessment concluded that Huawei 5G Core portfolio is the strongest, rated as the "leader" among all the 5G core solutions and use cases around the world. The score gap between Huawei and No.2 is up to 2.3 times that of 2021, and this is the fourth straight time Huawei 5G Core has been rated as the global leader since 2019. GlobalData is a world-renowned data analytics and consulting company in the ICT industry. It provides expertise in market research and predictions in addition to vendor analysis. According to the report, higher requirements are posed on network stability, and in turn on network reliability design as more global core networks go cloud and transition to 5G. Facing this trend, how a 5G core network solution performs on live networks is weighed more when evaluating whether it is ready for commercial use.

Avaya Cloud Office Helped to Ease Global Port Congestion by Enabling Evergreen to Transform its Operating Model

On the 23rd of August, Evergreen Shipping Agency has reported unprecedented employee engagement since its move to remote work, enabled by Avaya technology. The company’s roll-out of the Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral communications and collaboration platform has led to record levels of customer service availability as the shipping industry navigates supply chain disruption and port congestion. Evergreen Shipping Agency is a local container carrier that operates ships and twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) worldwide. When remote work was mandated in 2021, Evergreen sought to transform the way its emloyees engage with work through a reimagined collaboration system - a move Sam Read, Junior Vice President for Evergreen Shipping Agency, said was spurred by a former platform’s limited capabilities.

“Our previous collaboration system was unstable and would often cut out during calls between customers and employees,” said Read. “We needed to ensure customers were getting a superior experience as 90 per cent of our staff transitioned to remote work. The smooth release of cargo depends on effective communication with our documentation and importation departments – as well as high levels of security and compliance on our part.”